Australia, The Place of wonders, is praised all over the world due to its breathtaking beauty. It is thecountry of magnetic sites and the attractive beauty which attracts tourist from all over the world. Withmillions of tourist's arrivals,PerthInternationalAirportis one of the busiest airports ofAustraliathatserves the International flights toAustralia.Australiatourism attractions are amazing including theglittering beaches with golden rays of the sun kissing cerulean coast, wonderful trekking, beautifulsightseeing spots, Lovely cities, historical landmarks and gardens and many more exciting tourism places.Australia is the country with endless delights and fun. So visit this marvelous continent through cheapflights toAustraliaand enjoy your vacations in one of the most adventurous countries of the world.Australiahas various attractive sites for tourists that have wonderful opportunity to enjoy wonderful timeand visit Lovely Australia with cheap flights toAustralia.

Tourists have many places to visit in Australiabut the most visited places are its beautiful and adorable Beaches.Beaches inAustralia:Australian beaches are exotically amazing with virginal water, surrounded with clean soft sands andsome of them with rocky cliffs. Flights to Australia The good thing is, Australian government puts lots of efforts to keep thebeaches lovely and beautiful. Now, the efforts have been started to show its results, Australian beachesnow has become one of the most attractive spots for tourists. All the Australian beaches are not foractivities like water sports but all the beaches thatAustraliahas, tourists love them to visit.These beaches are very attractive and beautiful and Tourists have lovely opportunity to visit and explorethem in a memorable and delightful way.

Tourists from all parts of the world specially visitAustraliaformemorizing fun on these beaches and most of the delightful tours inAustraliaare made by cheap flightstoAustralia, providing most attractive Packages to the tourists at most affordable cost and guaranteedUnlimited fun. This is the reason why tourists rush to take cheap flights to Australia from all parts of the world to get amused from the beauty of this wonderland.Following is the list of some of the most visited beaches ofAustralia.1)WhiteHeavenBeach2)QueenslandGold Coast3)BellsBeach4)HymansBeach5)FourMileBeach6)BondiBeach7)CableBeach8) Manly Beach9)AvalonBeach10) St. Kilda beachFew of the beaches in above mentioned list, and some of the others inAustralia are mostly deserted. But yet,Australia is one of the best Countries of wonderful beaches on the planet. About 37,000 km widecoastline includes most number of beaches than all the nations of the world.Australia's most number of cities and towns are on the coast