Amsterdam is located in the west of the Netherlands and is the country's largest city. Also it is of great importance because the city is the capital of the country. If we go a little deeper into the name of the city then there is a concept behind the word "Amsterdam". Basically, the concept is that there is a dam inside the city whose name is "Amstel" and also there is a dam on the river so combining these two words the name of the city popped out as "Amsterdam?.

For tourists Amsterdam is one of the most popular and destination. The city alone receives around 3 million tourists every year according to the latest 2009 statistics. There are many hotels in Amsterdam to stay. If you are a budget traveler then you will be advised for cheap hotels booking.

Cheap Amsterdam hotel booking can be an ideal plan if you are going to make expenses according to your budget. Even though these budget hotels of Amsterdam are not providing that much of comfortable and luxurious facilities like the grand hotels of Amsterdam, yet it is affordable and suitable to the needs of a traveler.

During your stay in Amsterdam there are lots of places to visit. You can experience the impressive architectural work, picturesque canal that cut across the city and great variety of shopping. The churches, museums, zoos, botanical garden, wind mills and beach and the oldest building Oude Kerkn, Dam square, The Royal palace Begijnh of are the distinctive places to visit.

Amsterdam is elegant, pleasant, modern and diverse, with something for every traveler. The green countryside, clear blue waters, pretty cafes, historic buildings and sweeping parklands all complete the picture as a perfect Holiday destination. One thing is for sure, your Amsterdam holidays will be relaxing and enjoyable.