Using the motto being ?Minchen mag Dich? meaning ?Munich Loves You? you can?t help but be taken away. Not only will you really feel the actual love of Munich through its gorgeous buildings and landscape, but you may fall deeply in love with it as well. Munich is situated in the Upper Bavaria- north of the northern edge of the Alps. Along with one end being the Alps and the other morainic hills, in between are oceans of glacier ice. The panorama of Munich is green with numerous parks, such as one of the globe's largest urban public parks, the Englischer Garten, where one can enjoy the peaceful serenity of nature.

Munich is popular for its many well-known composers including W.A. Mozart, Orlando di Lasso, and Max Reger, making the area culturally right in the arts. With theatres and opera houses it's possible to enjoy the talents of modern, traditional, orchestra sounds, and more as the performers perform live on stage. Munich also is home to the Munich Kammerspiele which is the most important German language theatres in the world.

Munich is really a mix of architectural beauty. Preserving their roots by rebuilding many of their prehistoric buildings, Munich is mixed with the past and the present. Rich in art and culture you will find world famous museums such as the Deutsches Museum which is one of the oldest and largest science museums in the world.

Their cuisine is well-known soups such as the Leberknodel, and one of Munich?s finest specialties, the white sausage. Pot roasted pork is also a favorite and served with dumplings made from potatoes and white bread and cabbage. The popular desert is apple strudel that is also an American favorite.

Climate: Munich experiences warm, wet and cold climates. While summers are generally warm and wet, thunderstorms could be experienced. Because of the Alps, southerly winds crossing the Alps can bring warm Fohn conditions during any of the seasons, but will only be experienced for a few days. Rain and snow can be experienced any time of the year.

Transportation: Transportation in Munich consists of public transportation including buses, train, and air, taxis, cars, bicycles, motorbikes, and shuttles.