Rome is a city full of exciting things to see and do, however, like many other cities around the world there are tourist traps. If you plan to see Rome on your own, you may soon learn that you are not visiting all the places that are important to you for a large variety of reasons including language barriers, not knowing your way, and of course, you are traveling in the tourist areas. The only way to truly see Rome is with a licensed tour guide.

I am not talking about getting on a bus and taking a tour, how are you going to experience Rome with all these other strangers on the bus? In addition, are you sure, you are not only seeing the tourist attractions? To see Rome in its best light, you need to take a private tour with a licensed tour guide.

The tour guides at Rome Tour are not just employees that were hired to provide guided tours, but are individuals that live in Rome, they pass official examination, know all the major attractions as well as the off the beaten path attractions that really show Rome in its true light. They love Rome and want you to embrace the atmosphere and culture of Rome through their passion for this beautiful city. From learning about the history of Rome to partaking of the delicious foods and wines you will be able to embrace the full experience through a licensed tour guide that wants you to take a piece of Rome back home with you through your memorable walking tour.

Imagine walking with a licensed tour guide with such tours as City Harbour of Ostia and learn what everyday life was truly like in this ancient city or maybe a walk through the Coliseum, the Roman Forum, and Capitoline Hill where you will embrace the unique history, architecture, and politics of the awesome Eternal City. A Christian tour will take you to the Catacombs, the Basilica of Saint Paul, the Baths of Caracalla, and the Circus Maximus. Of course, with the Christian Tour, you should have a licensed driver as well as a licensed tour guide in order to receive the benefits of traveling to the sights quickly so you have time to enjoy more of what Rome has to offer.

These are just a few of the walking tours available at . The best part about using a licensed tour guide for all your walking tours is that you can learn more about the culture and history of Rome with your own personal driver and guide. You will be able to see more and enjoy the atmosphere as a licensed guide creates the feel you need to embrace the various eras of Roman life.