Imagine waking up one day and noticing that your 5 senses more alive than ever. You are discovering a new world of sensations and just when you think everything is a dream, you realize that you have landed in South America - your dream is reality! Travel throughout South America is discovering a world of sensations that has no limit. Roughly speaking, there are 4 areas that have been formed by history, geography and cultural expressions.

The tropical Andes were the home of the Inca Empire which settled in the territory of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. A visit Machu Picchu, the most recognized settlement of the Incas, located in the southern Peruvian Andes in a unique and mystical setting is a must. Touring this holy place is to witness an archaeological site with architectonic and engineering innovations which have survived the ages. There are no words to describe the magnificence of such a scene which has become one of the most highly sought destinations in Peru.

In ancient times, the Spanish conquerors made their way on horseback through the Andes, leaving in each small town strong colonial spurs such as a churches and monasteries worthy of a visit. The conquerors didn?t however remove all the indigenous structures, and today you can find communities that have been resistant to the West?s influence, and still practice their own languages and other cultural aspects, maintaining the local ethnic identity.

The Amazon Rainforest, the world?s lung, covers territory from Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and Colombia. The Amazon River is the longest in the world at around 6800 km, with the Amazon basin stretching to an area over 7,050,000 km2. The Amazon rain forest is a green world?wet, wild and enigmatic. The most common way to explore the rain forest is to stay in an Amazon lodge or doing a river cruise on the Amazon. Cruising the Amazon River is a unique life experience: from the observation deck it is possible to scan the magnificent tangle of vegetation at the water?s edge. The banks are covered by dense rainforest and the absence of human voices is filled by a chorus of birds and frogs. Observing pink river dolphins and a large collection of exotic birds is on the menu every day. Hearing and seeing howler monkeys along with a morning serenade of toucans sends shivers down one?s spine. Nearly all cruises make a stop for a rain forest walk where you can get a good start on understanding Amazon ecology.

Brazil has it's own highlights: Wildlife in the wetlands of the Pantanal, which it shares with Paraguay, the beaches along the Atlantic ocean, the Black Cultural Heritage of Salvador da Bahia, Colonial Art and History in Minas Gerais, magnificent Rio de Janeiro, the South American powerhouse S?o Paulo, and the Atlantic Rainforest mountains. This big nation occupies 47% of the territory of South America and is so diverse that is hard to believe one single country can house so many different options. Nowadays Brazil is experiencing an important economic growth due to innovative state programs so now is a great opportunity to see how this country is driving its way to prosperity, significantly raising the standard of living for many Brazilians.

The Southern Cone is very European. Spanish and Italians began arriving in the area during the 1880s bringing its way of life to South America. Then a second wave of European immigrants arrived before and after the WWII as refugees. The similar terrains of Chile, Argentina and Uruguay became the place where many immigrants began to build up their lives again after difficult times in their own countries. With this background, Buenos Aires has become an exquisite mixture of cultural influences with the melancholy of Tango as a soundtrack. Exquisite wine and the excellent cuisine have evolved into a welcome greeting for the most demanding gourmet traveler. European influence can be felt in many aspects of culture: body language, architecture, ways of living and viewing life, differing significantly from the intensity that exists in most tropical areas.

SouthAmerica.Travel is this and much more: living it, breathing it and discovering it is a unique opportunity in life!